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We are Designed for:

Players who aspire toward university/college or professional soccer:

Our highlight videos and analytic services (Player Match Reports) will give players the edge they need in the highly competitive recruitment process. 

Teams/clubs who want access to analytics but do not have the budget to retain more costly providers: 

Our Team Match Reports will provide valuable team and player data to enable coaches to track and maximize performance.


The first step in getting recruited is getting noticed. Coaches receive thousands of player videos. How can you stand out? Do something different, and better. Provide coaches your match statistics (our Player Match Reports) in addition to video. This will set you apart and showcase your talent in a more unique, sophisticated and informative way.

Analytics have become an integral part of soccer, now used extensively by college and professional club coaches. Why not capitalize on this trend to gain a competitive advantage in the recruitment process?

Highlight Videos

Highlight videos are used by players to demonstrate their abilities to college coaches, agents, scouts or professional clubs. You no longer have to stress trying to produce your own! Our team has what it takes to make you look your best. We offer flexible and affordable packages that will suit the needs and budgets of every player.

Player Match Reports

PitchSide Solutions is proud to introduce our unique Individual Match Reports. We collect and present meaningful statistical information of your match performance and present it in a user-friendly report. You can submit your Match Reports to coaches, and also use the feedback they provide to improve your game.

Team Analysis

Your club can access team and player data with our Team Match Reports, at affordable prices. Our service is best suited for clubs who do not have the budget to retain costly providers, but wish to avail themselves of team analytics

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